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Trinidad & Tobago Weddings and Graduations Special

  • Buy 3 Hicks Edges for only $255TT 
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  • Offer ends June 30th. Offer not available in stores.

Caribbean Shipping and Handling Cost: Shipping cost varies among Caribbean territories. You will be notified of shipping and handling cost when we confirm your order and location. You will then receive a payment request for shipping and handling via PayPal.

For purchases outside of Caribbean territories:
This website serves the Caribbean region and only purchases made within the Caribbean region will be honored.  To make purchase within the United States and it's territories please visit:  www.hickstotaltransformations.com

  • Product Facts:
  • Promotes Hair Growth
  • Straighten without chemicals
  • Smoothes & holds Edges
  • Softens & Shines
  • Controls tapered cuts

- Price $90TT or $14.99US


Product Description:

Holds hair firmly in place with a super shine and without flakiness. Leaves edges looking and feeling shiner and healthier. This genuine pomade is non-flaky and non-sticky and rinses out easily.


8 oz. Hicks Total Transformations Silk Solutions Serum

 Product Facts: 

·         Silky Soft Hair

·         Long–lasting crystal shine

·         Softens and controls dry brittle hair

- Price $105TT or $16.99US

Hicks Silk Solutions Serum

Product Description:

Hicks Total Transformations Silk Solution is the solution for silky, shiny, and bouncy hair. Hicks Total Transformations Silk Solutions is necessary for hair to look and feel healthy. It is a great source of silky hair serums which give your hair the silkiness and shine without weighing your hair down. Exhibits healing and soothing power when applied to hair and scalp.


6 oz. Hicks Total Transformations Bounce Curling Spray

Product Facts: 

·         Smooth Bouncy Curls

·         Hold without spritz

·         Body building

·         Non-sticky, non-flaky

·         Increases manageability

- Price $90TT or $14.99US

Hicks Bounce Curling Spray

 Product Description:

Hicks Total Transformations Bounce Curling Spray has a super controlling power, without stickiness or flakiness. Gives hair the bounce shine to last all day long. Contains special conditioning ingredients to protect your hair while curling.


8 oz. Hicks Total Transformations Diamond Oil

 Product Facts: 

·         Hair and body oil

·         Long-lasting crystal shine

·         Light and silky

·         Softens and controls dryness

·         Prevents breakage

- Price $90TT or $14.99US

Hicks Diamond Oil

Product Description:

A great source of Vitamin E and natural oils, which has essential fatty acids. Provides healing and soothing power when applied to hair and scalp. Diamond Oil gives hair shine and helps hair to look and feel healthy.